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Cruising through all of the bike forums and other Instructables I have found some good ideas on how to make a DIY chainstay protector but most of them involve using an old tire tube, tape, or some wire which in my opinion really does not look that great.

I decided to tear off the messy looking tape and use a few packets of Sugru. It is tough enough to handle the abuse, water proof, easy on my chain, easily color matched when mixed or right out of the pack. I will use a thick layer of the blue then a layer of black over that. The Sugru has also reduced much of the noise when the chain hits it compared to anything else I have used.

So, out comes the Sugru for my Brodie Evolution mountain bike. - A Vancouver built bike that I am proud to own. I have wanted one of these since I was a kid but only recently have been able to get one of these beauties. - An older model, but I still love it!

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Step 1: Remove Old Tape and Clean

Picture of Remove Old Tape and Clean
Remove any old tape or protective material and clean thoroughly using a bit of soap, hot water, and a scrubby, rinse with clean water,  then dry. I let my bike air dry for a few hours after I dried it with a cloth to be sure there was no moisture left where I was going to apply the Sugru
clever solution to common problem - just what we like :)

and a really nice finish you've got on this - loving that fact you used the instructables sticker hehe
MobileMakerspace (author)  projectsugru2 years ago
Well, I had a pile of them from a build night so I'm not to concerned about defacing a coveted instructables sticker. :) The toolbox project wears one proudly.
canida2 years ago
That looks awesome. Nice easy solution!
MobileMakerspace (author)  canida2 years ago
Thank you so much! I was going to replace it with some tape but tape really never protects it. You take the tape off and the chain stay is all full of chips. If I wrap something around it, I risk having dirt, mud, small rocks, and water getting in there and destroying the metal. I needed something that would have an air tight seal.

I had two packets of Sugru left over from the build night so I used those and it turned out great. I ordered some more and will use some black Sugru to make it a bit thicker on the top and also to give it a multi color. If the Sugru chips, all I need to do is patch it with more.
bob30302 years ago
I love Sugru. Great product.
MobileMakerspace (author)  bob30302 years ago
Sugru rocks!