Sugru Bling-Snail



Introduction: Sugru Bling-Snail

We had a build night at the workshop last month and played around with SUGRU.
One of our member's 8 year old daughter thought she would 'light' things up and came up with this Bling-Snail.

Step 1: Some Assembly Required.

First find 5 colour fade LED's. You can just use normal ones, but that's not very bling!
You also need 1 CR2023 3volt coin battery.

Step 2: Final Details.

Make an interesting shape out of sugru; like this curvy snail form.
Poke each LED through the sugru as shown; making sure to keep the long LED leads aligned on the same side.
Slide the battery in between the LED leads makeing sure the + side of the battery faces the long leads of the LED's.



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