Introduction: Sugru Bottle Drainage Coupler

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This is a quick hack to get your money's worth out of the mostly empty bottles of dispenser top liquid soap many of us have in our bathrooms.

Step 1:

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The first steps will be to round up at least two bottles, remove the dispenser tops, and pop the pump assembly out of the screw-on ring.  This may take a bit of force, but with the particular brand I had I was able to easily force the pump assembly out with my thumbs.

Step 2:

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Next, take a small amount of Sugru, roll it out into a thick line and wrap it around the join of the two screw-on collars.

Step 3:

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Once set, you should be able to screw the two bottles together and watch as all the last drips of soap are pulled down into the bottom bottle.


Geniebeaniechilibeanie (author)2013-09-05

love it

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