Picture of Sugru Custom Jelly Bracelet
Jelly bracelets can be found in almost any color but sometimes you can't find "the right one". Here's an Instructable using Sugru that will help you make the perfect jelly bracelet to compliment your outfit. You'll have to let the Sugru cure for up to 24 hours but that could be just enough time for you if you plan your wardrobe and accessories ahead of time.

Step 1: Choose Your Colors

Picture of Choose Your Colors
This could be the easiest or hardest step for you but go ahead and choose a few colors.
If Sugru does not come in the color you're looking for, you can mix them to get almost any color you need.
I am going to mix black and white Sugru to get gray. In addition to gray, I will also use two packets of blue Sugru.
What is Sugru made of?