Picture of Sugru Earbuds
http://www.earsound.com/shurefit.asp Make awesome custom fit earbuds for about $130. These cost £8. Sugru is a moldable silicon that sets permanently, similar to PlayDoh but doesn't go all crumbly when dry.

This instructable gives you advice on how to make your own safely, either for use with headphones or as earplug for sleeping.

This instructable involves jamming stuff in your ears and is not suitable for anyone. you'll probably get it stuck and have to spend hours in A&E. I hold no responsibility if you continue following this instructable and result in said situation.

That being said, read on.

Step 1: What you need.

Picture of What you need.
-Sugru, 2X5 gram pack
           -making the perfect fit earbuds
-Cheap rubbish headphones (preferably in-ear)
           -doesn't matter how low quality
-Cotton earsticks
           - cleaning and moulding
          -stop you pulling out your eardums

cap8262 years ago
could you put a thread though the paper ball to pul in out instead of putting pointy metal objects in your ears?
acabrera73 years ago
it looks just like my hearing aid moulds!
maybe i could get Austrlian Hearing to make a mould around my earbuds.
great post :)
slick80863 years ago
I had some custom earplugs made from Silicone at a gun show in a similar fashion. To make it easier to get the tissue out of your ear, before you jam it in there tie a small thread around the wad, then you can pull out the wad by the thread when you are done.
Could you place a layer of plastic wrap between the ear and the sugru? It seems like it might be a little simpler and safer, and still be thin enough to give a clear mold....though you might have to coat the side facing the sugru with a bit of soapy water to keep it from sticking...
ac1D4 years ago
Is this safe?
DenHaz (author)  ac1D4 years ago
I don't think so. But there are more dangerous things i life, like sharks.
wobbler DenHaz4 years ago
Why would anyone want to stuff sharks down their ears?
ac1D DenHaz4 years ago
I tend to keep away from shark, so..
dchall84 years ago
Is yours any different from this Instructable from a few weeks ago?

DenHaz (author)  dchall84 years ago
Not really. Mine are black i suppose. Found this one after pubishing mine. Wasn't very happy about how non-unique my ideas are. No intension to copy though, i was just slower.
sadly... there is nosuch thing as a new idea, only new angles of approach