Sugru Feet Knife Sharpener



Introduction: Sugru Feet Knife Sharpener

Step 1: Prepare Sugru

Open mini-pack of sugru and take 1 of 4 large pea sized pieces and work it as instructed on pack. Then roll in palm to form a ball

Step 2: Apply Feet

Gently press 1 ball of sugru into each corner of the underside/base of the sharpener.

Step 3: Leveling Feet

Turn sharpener over and apply pressure over a flat surface. I used a laminated tabletop. I recommend laying a piece of plastic/saran wrap between sharpener and tabletop to avoid sticking. I gently applied pressure, reshaped as necessary with my finger and repeated until results were as desired.

Step 4: Curing

Simply turn sharpener upside down to allow sugru feet to dry. Should be around 24 hours as advertised on packaging. Mine took about 16 hours but results may vary based on the thickness and amount of sugru used.



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