Introduction: Sugru Knife Caddy/Case!

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       I have been looking for a way to cary my knife around & have it quickly accessible, but couldn't find the right case. So I made this nice knife caddy/case that I can quickly pull my knife out of, & then put it securely back in. (Great for on a hicking backpack & on your pants belt-loop for everyday use) This design can also be used with cases for phones, small flashlights, keys, etc.....

Step 1: Supplies

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The supplies are pretty simple and wont cost you alot.


-A knife or other object to make caddy/case for.

-Sugru, I used 10g of sugru for my caddy, but amount may vary depending on size of caddy.

-Plastic Wrap (to keep sugru from sticking to knife)

-Soapy water (to keep your hands from sticking to the sugru when smoothing it out)

-Carabiner hook (to clip to backpack or pants)

-Straw or other cylindrical object (to make hole for the hook to go through)

-Tape ( to tape plastic wrap to knife)

Step 2: Preparing the Knife

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     Preparing the knife is simple, all you need is some plastic wrap to cover the knife in ( to keep the sugru from sticking to it). Take the plastic wrap and slowly pull it over the knife so that it stays perfectly smooth, & then tape it on tightly. If you want the caddy to be attached to the knife permanently you can for get this step!

Step 3: Forming the Caddy

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    Now comes the fun part, you can design the caddy any way you want! Take some of the sugru and start molding the caddy onto the knife (try to keep the thickness the same through out the caddy). Then once you get the basic shape you want dip your fingers into the soapy water and start smoothing the sugru out, or for a different look & feel you can add a nice dimply texture to it by rolling it on a towel ( I chose the smooth method).

Step 4: Forming the Hook Loop

Picture of Forming the Hook Loop

      This part was the biggest pain for me, but once I switched from using the  screwdriver to using the straw it became much easier! You need some cylindrical object a little bigger that the diameter of your carabiner (I found a straw works best). Take the straw and dip it in the soapy water and then take the rest of your sugru and form the top of the loop over the straw, then continue smoothing all the sugru together to create a nice evenly smooth surface. Then once you have it how you like let it sit for 24 hours.

Step 5: Finishing the Caddy!

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    Once the sugru has sat for 24 hours remove the caddy from the knife and then pull the straw out of the loop, & pull all the plastic wrap off of the knife, then just put the carabiner in the loop and walla  you have a very knice portable knife caddy! This caddy design works great  so you can quickly pull out the knife and then put it securely back in. This caddy deign will work for far more than just a knife, what about a phone, small flashlight, keys, etc........


hornbadoing (author)2015-03-20

Isn't that one of those old autos they used to sell in parts back in the 70s?

PowellMade (author)2015-01-20

Is that an auto? Wish I owned one. Great idea btw.

mp 15-22 (author)2014-01-30

this is cool. i bought me a 8 5g packet of sugru on it was like $29.00 i think. i also googled the knife and ordered on also.

Kathy Fisher (author)2010-10-10

I just can't find a place to buy Sugru in Canada or the USA . Help, I think this is just what I need but where to buy it ?

strykerX_X (author)Kathy Fisher2010-10-10

I got mine for free for the contest, but you can just order it from their website (I have no idea where you can actually buy it without ordering it).

Hope this helped.

Kathy Fisher (author)strykerX_X2010-10-10

All suggestions welcome, thanks a lot.

wobbler (author)Kathy Fisher2010-10-31

You can use glue sticks for this too. Just heat one over a candle and build up the shape, smooth it with wet fingers, just make sure it's cooled a little first thought, or build it up rough and then heat it again to soften it and smooth it out.

Ganoderma (author)wobbler2011-07-21

Just remember that glue sticks are.... sticky ;)
They don't dry to rubbery substance like sugru (well, I'm not exactly sure what sugru is like but dried gluestick isn't anything that can be described as nice :P)

wobbler (author)Ganoderma2011-07-22

I think you might be thinking of the wrong glue sticks (one of the problems of international languages like english where words can only appear to mean the same in different countries!). The glue sticks I'm refering to are the plastic ones which you put in heated glue guns, they aren't sticky at all until melted and some of them are very pliable when cold. They don't need to dry as such, just cool. They also stick well to lots of different surfaces.

Ganoderma (author)wobbler2011-07-22

Ah, you mean hot glue.
Sorry for misunderstanding :)

wobbler (author)Ganoderma2011-07-25

Sorry, my problem for not specifying properly! ;o)

milamber (author)Kathy Fisher2010-12-29

theirs an ible on making your own sugru substitute by mikey77

chuckr44 (author)Kathy Fisher2010-10-29

I just checked on the US site. Sugru is not even there. Nothing on Amazon either.

Pat_Maroney (author)2010-09-26

magnet is a good idea.
Where can I find an awesome knife like that?

strykerX_X (author)Pat_Maroney2010-09-26

I got mine on ebay but their easier to find on google to buy.

Mr.Tedd880 (author)strykerX_X2010-09-26

what is the name of the knife

strykerX_X (author)Mr.Tedd8802010-09-26

It's an AKC Concord OTF Knife. Google it and watch some videos of it it's awesome!!!

Pat_Maroney (author)strykerX_X2010-09-27

Checked it out, it's pretty sweet.
definitely not legal in california.

Pwag (author)Pat_Maroney2011-04-27

Sex without a bicycle helmet is illegal in California. It's a "no-fun" state. My condolences buddy.

bushcraftnewbie (author)Pwag2011-05-20

+1 to this comment!

strykerX_X (author)Pat_Maroney2010-09-27

Ya, theirs alot of things that are illegal in California.

Bobburt444 (author)strykerX_X2010-09-27

Check this out for more information on state laws concerning switchblades

According to that, this knife would be legal in California if the blade length is under 2 inches.

jongscx (author)Bobburt4442010-09-28

there's also sometimes a difference if it's spring-loaded vs non spring-loaded... worth looking into.

Bobburt444 (author)jongscx2010-09-28

You mean like "gravity" knives where you can flick them open? Or out the side spring assisted?

jongscx (author)Bobburt4442010-09-28

There are some knives that are spring assisted coming out the tip... but if you have to manually slide the blade out it's ok... I don't see the half-second difference being that big a deal, but it apparently is...

Bobburt444 (author)jongscx2010-09-28

I've never seen one before, so I searched google and found this youtube video

This one springs out, but you have to manually pull it back in. Seems kind of impractical to me because the spring is only one way whereas a regular OTF switchblade's spring works both in and out.

jongscx (author)Bobburt4442010-09-28

ahh, well, the spring-out only ones are if you're keen on playing stabby-stabby cut-cut with other people... you don't really need to pull the blade in easily then until the fight is done... a two-way spring knife would be for more practical uses...

ch0wderdood (author)jongscx2010-10-01

try i ordered my knife off their and its is amazing cheap prices too :)

milamber (author)strykerX_X2010-12-29

just a heads up knives of that sort are illigal in many states and countries however this guy will send u a kit to build one

young skipper (author)2011-05-06

What knife is that?

pogoman12345 (author)2011-01-01


Kathy Fisher (author)2010-10-12

Thanks for all the help on buying Sugru......... Thanks, Mamafish

strykerX_X (author)2010-10-03

YA, it dosn't have to have a GORILLA product in it , just an adhesives which is SUGRU.

jackh94 (author)2010-09-30

really good idea this, I have a flick knife which I could use for this but it has a keyring loop (thats blocked in the middle so it doesnt work) that might make it hard to get the sugru off if any went into the hole.
Does anyone know of any way I can get one of these in the UK (I'm not to bothered about knife laws), would anyone be prepared to send me one from the USA if I paid them (paypal).

strykerX_X (author)jackh942010-09-30

Theirs plenty of places to order them from online.

TheGeek1984 (author)2010-09-27

This is an awesome idea. I have that exact same knife actually, got it from a gun & knife show, unfortunately I can't carry it out in the open where I live. I still don't know why they sold it to me when the saw where I lived (I got ID'd). Don't care though, I have a cool knife! :)

qfe0 (author)2010-09-26

So, is the Sugru caddy can hold the knife's weight with friction?

strykerX_X (author)qfe02010-09-26

Yes, the caddy holds it in by friction/suction, plus the knife has a little tapper to it that helps hold it in. If you need even more hold in power try adding a magnent hidden inside the sugru!

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