Picture of Sugru Pill Bottle Hack
I have a family member with arthritis who has a hard time opening their pill bottles. This hack uses Sugru to help them open the bottles much easier.

If you or your family member gets the same pills every month, you can toss the new one out and use the hacked one instead.

Step 1: Items Needed

Picture of Items Needed
What you need for this Hack:
2 Five Gram Sugru Sachets
Pill Bottle with its cap cleaned

What you might want :
Water on your fingers to keep them from sticking to the Sugru
congratulations Surfer24, your project was featured on Lifehacker :)
Surfer24 (author)  projectsugru3 years ago
I saw it first when i was on life hacker. It was quite a surprise to randomly see something i made on there.
JakeBlanton3 years ago
You can also get your pharmacy to issue all prescriptions in the non-childproof containers... The ones where you just have to snap the lid off like existed back in the younger days of many of us old farts...
hi Surfer24, this is great, we love it. How is it holding up? James
Surfer24 (author)  projectsugru4 years ago
No complaints yet.

I had originally made two, so i could test one of them to see how it performs. When I was done testing actual use, I used it kind of roughly to see how much of a beating it would take, and it broke when I didn't push down the cap before turning.

So as long as you are pushing the cap down all the way before twisting it, it should holding strong.
I think if you were to cover the top too, it'd make a significant difference in the durability.