Picture of Sugru Pot Handle Octopus
My friendly local hackspace were having a Sugru evening, the perfect opportunity to replace the handle that broke off a saucepan lid last year, and while I was at it give my saucepan some octopus attitude.
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Step 1: Mix Some Sugru

Picture of Mix Some Sugru
Decide what colour you want your new pot handle to be and mix up some Sugru, I used a pack each of red and blue, and half a pack of white to get a funky purple.

Step 2: Legs

Picture of Legs
Split the sugru in half, then split one of those halves in 8 and roll them out tapering the ends down. Arrange the legs around the pot lid in a snazzy manner.

Step 3: Body

Picture of Body
Roll the remaining Sugru into an egg shape and cover the screw for the pot handle. Smooth the body and the legs together.

Step 4: Eyes (optional)

Picture of Eyes (optional)
Use a bit of white and a smidge of black sugro to add eyes to the octopus. Now he can watch you while you cook.

Step 5: Cure

Picture of Cure
Leave the Sugru 24 hours to cure completely, then you are ready to get cooking.
SparkySolar8 months ago

Thank you for the nice instructable


SparkySolar8 months ago

I love Octupi

stienman1 year ago
Won't it soften at typical pot temperatures?
Jaz_Allen (author)  stienman1 year ago
No, once it has cured it stays solid. Apparently it is also dishwasher safe, it is versatile stuff.
Me Likey! ^^ :3
ixtacoatl1 year ago
i'm now very intrigued by what sugru is and what it can do. thank you for providing the links. this may be what i use or incorporate into this years batch of Christmas gifts. thank you!
what is sugu? Can i use fimo clay?
No. Fimo won't work. Not the same stuff at all. it is on
Jaz_Allen (author)  icelandinthesun1 year ago
Don't know if Sculpey or Fimo would work, the massive advantage of Sugru is that it sticks to the pan lid, as well as to the handle bolt, so the new handle is good and sturdy. Also the Sugru is silicone based so is heat resistant up to 180°C, and waterproof so I don't need to worry when it comes to washing the pan lid. Not sure how the modelling clays would hold up to repeated heating and washing.
thank you for the information. I checked in my crafts store and it was just too expensive i thought, 10$ for a tiny bit of that stuff...
There is an instructable about how to make home made sugru, too.
Such a cute idea!
Foojay1 year ago
Absolutely fabulous idea, thank you for posting. I too enjoy using/playing with Sugru. Stealing this idea, thank you again.
Very cool. Next time a top of one of my pot tops breaks I hope to remember this one!
I think eyes should be mandatory
lbrewer421 year ago
GREAT looking pot handle! BTW, is drinking coke while taking pics of the lid madantory for making one of these :))

Jaz_Allen (author)  lbrewer421 year ago
Not mandatory, but certainly tasty :p
awesome, one of the nicest sugru pot handle solutions I have seen.
You might also like this one:
denotsKO1 year ago
That's awesome. I think adding a nut to the screw to give the sugru more to grip would have made it a little more secure though.
Trust me, it is way sticky enough. I have one (not nearly as cool as this!) on one of my pot lids that is all glass and it stuck no problems to glass, so metal won't be an issue.
I don't know what it is either- fimo would work maybe??? Where do get Sugru??
Sugru is the new self-setting rubber for fixing, modifying and improving your stuff.
l8nite1 year ago
that is WAY CUTE !
amonj021 year ago
Wow.. This is the coolest ever kitchen trick I have seen. Thank you so much for sharing.
Kiteman1 year ago
Tentacled awesomeness!