Step 8: Texture the Sugru

Using the drinking straw, press circles into the Sugru layer on the "bottom" and "top" pieces.  Make the circles tangent to each other as much as possible.  The only parts to avoid with the straw are the two side fins on the "top" piece.

Once you are done, let the Sugru cure for 24 hours.
Cool, you should make an orange one!
Clever adaptation of a Fiddler's Green favorite...<br><br>Didja get permission from Fiddler's Green to post the pattern?<br><br>Just curious...
looks good
Looks like the Shark from Fiddlers Green.<br>www.fiddlersgreeen.net.<br>You should add the download of that file to your steps.
Nice adaptation &ndash; I really like the use of Sugru to add the texture. I assume it was simply an oversight leaving out the source of the original design: a Fiddlers Green paper model (www.fiddlersgreen.net)<br>
I like this a lot, great job.
looks like the shark from banjo-kazooie
i shall name my sugru shark: Fluffy Mushroom

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