I can't bare the idea of throwing away these shoes and buying new shoes to ruin at work.  Enter Sugru.  My job is physically demanding and torturous to shoes.  I needed something real sturdy but also soft-It's my precious feet we're talking about here.  This took a few days because I let the layers of Sugru cure in between applications.  The shoes had a hole in the front toe and the back heel supports had been totally smashed.  Two things my bosses weren't thrilled with.  As a bonus I decided to pretty them up a little too.  

Step 1: The Problem

My girlfriend says I look like a Hobo wearing these.  And even though I work at a very casual and relaxed food retailer with a bizarre Hawaiian theme(hint, hint), I need to still look reasonably presentable.  Also in the dress-code it states that shoes must have backs.  It's even more important now with 3 year-olds being given shopping carts.  They are at just the right height to ram the backs of your feet.  

Step 2: The Toe Hole

For this area of the fix I used to pouches of black Sugru to liberally cover the hole and surrounding area.  Later on I added even a little more reinforcement to the toe-hole area.   You can use soapy water to smooth out the Sugru.  I could have also color matched it better the brown but I didn't really want to.  I wanted it to look like I fixed, hacked and sooped up these shoes myself.  

Step 3: Impounded Sole

The original shape of these shoes didn't last long.  I constantly slid into them and smashed the very small heel support.  There was some harder plastic in there at one point.  All gone now, I wanted these to last another year at least.   Ten dollars worth of Sugru is still alot of cheaper than new shoes that might or might not last a year.   
Firstly,  I had to rebuild the support structure and attach it what little leather and "other" shoe material still remained.  
Then,  I slowly built up the layers to achieve a super strong heel guard.  
Pictures will be annotated with details.  (Be sure to check em)
Pour avoir essayé le sugru fait le buzz mais c'est pas top

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