Introduction: Sugru Solar Lamp Mounts

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Make a solar table lamp using a cheap solar LED lawn light

Step 1: What You'll Need

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Firstly you'll of course need some Sugru. I will be using yellow and red in this project

Step 2: Some Bits and Pieces...

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An old mosquito candle bowl makes a nice mount for the cheap lawn solar LED

Step 3:

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Mix some red and yellow sugru to get a brownish mix. this was about 60% red 40% yellow. 

Step 4:

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Fill the end of the lamp with about half the sugru mix and attach to the bowl

Step 5:

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work the sugru into the bowl to make a smooth join. leave to cure for 24hrs

Step 6:

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Enjoy the lamp once the sun has set for the day. tip: cleaning the face with the solar panel will increase the time the LED is able to run at night.


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