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I enjoy cooking. Washing up, however, not so much. I usually try and avoid using a spoon rest by precariously balancing the wooden spoon I'm using on the pan handle.

Sometimes this results in the teetering, sauce covered spoon, falling to the floor - usually in slow motion as I look on helplessly.

My local Hackspace (Hitchin Hackspace, Herts UK) received a load of Sugru recently, which inspired me to come up with a solution for my occasionally messy problem.

Step 1: Make the Spoon Rest

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All my pans have holes in the handles, so I decided to mold a small removable rest that would sit snugly in the hole and cradle the spoon handle, preventing it from falling whilst cooking.

A trial run with some blu-tack proved the principle, so it was just a case of repeating the shape with Sugru.

Simple but effective, and since deployed successfully.


Coyote_Crafty (author)2017-10-18

It is fine looking and quite clever, but I think holding the wooden spoon above vapor could warp it, and also, what if the recipe calls for covering the pan?

And what about storing the said pan after use? I can't suspend it with a hook anymore.

mcorbin (author)2014-11-03

I also dislike the messy spoon rest on or near the stove.

I like your little thingamajiggy.

bensmiller02 (author)2014-09-28

that hole in the handle of the pan can usually hold the standard wooden spoon. one of them grandma tricks I herd one day I was like hmmm no kidding and it works holding it very well.

rdcowley (author)bensmiller022014-09-28

True, but when it's coated in sauce you end up with drops on the cooker, or at least I do with my spoon/pan combination.

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