In this step by step tutorial,

i will show you how to make a sugru grip for your toothbrush(you can even use it for a shaver!)

By the end of this instructable, you will have a comfortable brush/shave:)

Step 1: Materials

1) tooth brush/shaver

2) a pack of sugru

3) time and patience

If you need sugru, you can buy it in the link below!!


Did you make this in five minutes? A little more effort on capitalization, photos, and periods would make a huge difference. Just a comment.
Correct spelling would help also
Yes, huge. It would take less time than trying to argue with me.
I kinda/maybe agree
dude y wast the sugu if u r gonna have to throw out ur tooth brush every couple months<br>
i dont get it
what isnt there to get? its a grip for your toothbrush.
why? all you have to do is use your opposable thumb
I agree what's the point of this at all!

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