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Introduction: Sugru Turtles

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I decided I would check out this Sugru stuff that everyone has been talking about. I've decided I really like it! It is very easy to work with & has endless applications. These fun little turtles are just one example of a quick Sugru project you can try too!

You will need:
2 packets of orange Sugru
1 packet of green Sugru
some small black beads (eyes)
some tamarind seeds (shells)
A pin with a ball head
Your clasps, chains, or earrings that you want to use
A form for the ring (I used a ring sizing rod but you can use any type of tube that is the right size for you)
Some plastic wrap to wrap your form with
OPTIONAL: You can probably use brown sugru for the shell or whatever else you would like.  I had previously collected these tamarind seeds because I liked the way they looked & thought they would make perfect turtle shells. :)

`First wrap your form for the ring with plastic wrap. (This will prevent the sugru from sticking to the form)
`Then mix your sugru to the color you prefer. (I did 60% orange 40% green)
`Roll out a rope of the sugru and wrap 2 of the pieces around the form. (These are its legs/band)
`Roll up a ball about the size of the seed you want to use
`Press your seed into the ball (this creates the turtles body)
`Press the body onto your bands 
`Add a head & tail 
`Add your eyes & details using your pin
`Let it sit up right to dry for 24hrs.
`Repeat this process for all the turtles you desire to make. 
`Once dry simply peel them off and add your hooks or chains.

TIP: Adapt your details to suit their use. For example: the earrings and necklace have a looped tail for the fish hook earrings or chain, and short legs instead.



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    These little turtles are as adorable as they come!!!!

    Beautiful work!

    Cute! Love the tamarind seed "shells". Thanks for sharing.

    These are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

    Those turned out great! The tamarind seed really gives it a nice touch.

    1 reply

    I know, they are perfect little turtle shells! Thanks for the contribution! ;)