Picture of Sugru Water Bottle Hack
Intro - Damaged Bottle.JPG
This fix utilizes Sugru to fix my daughter's favorite water bottle before she was forced to retire it from use. 

Having "adjusted" the bottom of my daughter's stainless steel water bottle a number of times, I decided it was time to apply a more permanent solution. This was especially true when I could no longer adjust the bottle (using percussive maintenance) to be level. Remember the Weebles? Well, this one would always fall down.

I discovered the wonders of Sugru shortly after it was first released and thought this would be an excellent opportunity to play with  it while making an item destined for the trash bin usable for (quite) a while longer.

Materials Needed:

  1.  Water bottle
  2.  Blue painter's tape
  3.  1 - 20g package of Sugru color of choice

Tools Used:

  1.  Dish soap
  2.  Wax paper (but quickly discarded for...)
  3.  Plastic cutting board
  4.  Scissors
  5.  Coffee mug (or some other suitable container to hold the finished project)
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Step 1: Prepping the Water Bottle

Picture of Prepping the Water Bottle
Step 1 - Wrapping Bottle - 2.JPG
The first thing you will want to do is wash and thoroughly dry the bottle. Use a degreasing soap (I used dish soap) in order to remove any residual grease and oil.

Once the bottle is dry, you will need to decide how far up the side you will want the Sugru to rise. We opted for a fairly shallow rise of about 1/2". The bottle was then carefully wrapped about 6 times to provide a thick layer of tape on which to build the Sugru thickness guide. The Sugru will be applied up against the tape. Cut the tape with scissors to make sure there is a clean straight edge.

If I Did It Again, I would wrap a similar layer towards the top so that when the bottle is rolled on the mat, it would provide a more level and even rolling height.
andy.knote3 months ago

Great instructable. Great photos, great tep-by-step. Nice work!

BrittLiv2 years ago
Hi, I really like how you fixed it, but I think it would be better to put a picture of the finished bottom as your first picture.
Jaxoat (author)  BrittLiv2 years ago
Funny you should mention that, I had the exact same thought as I was reviewing the 'ible right after I posted it. I went back to find a suitable picture and there really isn't a good whole view summary photo. The bottle is on a school trip at the moment, but I will fix the shortfall when it returns later this week.