Sugru Widgets (Magnetic Cable Manager)


Introduction: Sugru Widgets (Magnetic Cable Manager)

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Let's face it,
We all have this one huge mess of cables and chords in our workspace and even home.
There was always this issue of finding this one USB cable which fits your requirement be it programming your favorite microcontroller or charging your devices.

With ten packs of sugru, impossible mess of cables and a spare hook became this awesome magnetic cable management system.

So without much further ado,
Things needed

1. The almighty Sugru (One pack)
2.Steel or Iron hook (Ripped one off the kitchen :D)
3. A small fridge magnet

Step 1: Build Guide

Open up a pack of sugru and shape it around the fridge magnet making it stick to a wall or compartment.

Hold it for a while for it to stick.
After giving it a weak tug to verify it's state, Attach the steel hook.

Step 2: Conclusion

Now, just hook your cables.

This simple trick ensures that your cables stay in where you left them when you need it and well this removes a small portion of your messy work bench.
Mods are possible, one can get these large kitchen hooks(10 in a row) making it possible to manage banana cables, CoAx oscilloscope probes and even alligator clips.

Happy hacking ☺



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    Nice (Y)

    This is a great sugru fix! I'm looking at a mess of cables just like that right now, and a couple of well-positioned hooks would solve my problem. Thanks!

    1 reply

    Thank you for your valuable comments .