Step 7:

This should make sure that no dirt stays in the antenna mount leading to corrosion. If we ever decide to subscribe to satelite radio again, I can easily get a new antenna with no ill effects from this thing. The reason for leaving the head bare was that I am able to screw it in tighter than by hand. I was able to get it tighter by hand than I thought, but whenever I decide to remove it, it most likely will be more difficult making the exposed head come in handy.

The best benefit that I can now see is that when we install our car-top carrier for family trips, the antenna will not dictate where the carrier has to be placed. It can now be positioned farther to the rear, helping wind resistance and gas milage.

The most important thing about this project is the method of production. As I said, as far as I know, this is the first time Sugru has been "turned." I think this could lead to some pretty awesome things being made with the product (as if that's not already happening).
I bet you could cover your old antenna entirely with Sugru if you ever need to use it again. I bet it would survive the car wash. Nice instructions. Sugru is awesome. I'm going to try to spin it in the drill next chance I get.

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