I wanted to spice up some very boring barrettes.
These are the Goody barrettes that often come in a back of 10, plain metal, holds the hair well, but isn't all that pretty.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

Barrettes - any barrettes will do. These are Goody barrettes, that come in a pack of 10, sometimes in different sizes.

Sugru -www.sugru.com

Copper bbs - the decoration in the middle

Other tools used. Not required, but come in handy
- saran wrap
- bowl of warm, soapy water
- chopstick

hey, these are cool :) James
Thanks! I initially wanted to make them look like gears, but decided they look more like suns instead. The ends are nice and rubbery, and flip nicely in your hand like little paddles.

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