Picture of Sugru feet for Arduino
Arduinos are great, but the exposed circuitry on the bottom could short out if accidentally touched to something conductive. We made tiny feet from balls to Sugru. Sugru is non-conductive, and it also lifts the Arduino up a little off the surface. 


1 Arduino
1-2 packets of Sugru (depending on the size foot you would like)
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Step 1: Roll Sugru into little balls

Picture of Roll Sugru into little balls
Roll into 4 small balls. Here we show two balls with an Arduino.

Step 2: Attach feet to Arduino

Picture of Attach feet to Arduino
Press the balls of Sugru onto the base of the Arduino. 

Turn it right-side-up and press onto a table or hard surface to flatten the balls into feet.

Allow to harden for 24 hours. 

That's it!