Sugru Fix for Key Fob





Introduction: Sugru Fix for Key Fob

After breaking my car's keyfob - i used Sugru to re-close the broken loop and give it a soft bumper shell on the back.



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Can you still take apart the case to change the battery?

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Not without cutting the Sugru. I put a brand new battery in the remote before I started so it wouldn't be too large of a concern for me. This particular remote clips together in the middle so I would just take a knife and trim back a little bit of the Sugru which is over the joint.

Great solution I'm going to try it. (Gulp, first time using Sugru). Thanks

Sugru is a hand-formable hard-setting polymer plastic material. You can mold it like clay for about 30 minutes and then within a day it sets up to a firm yet flexible plastic consistency. It sticks to almost anything and comes in a number of colors.