Sugru Omnitrix





Introduction: Sugru Omnitrix

hi hi..

this is my second sugru night hack.

i have made myself an arm holder for my mobile.

mine is 5inch screen so looks bit big in my tiny hand

Step 1: Things Needed

now for this u need

1. sugru obviosly

2. some aluminium sheets of any size u prefer


4. little creativity

Step 2: Making the Skeleton

now for the skeleton we are using an custom cutted aluminium

make sure it fits perfect. adding sugru may add some extra space. so watch it before u bend it

again make sure there is no sharp edges and make urself bloody

now arrange the two peice as per u need.

as i told creativity is yours.

Step 3: Applying Sugru

now apply sugru of ur favorite colour(mix several to get different sugru) .

make sure sides are filled perfectly,

fix to peices with ur favorite colour

Step 4: Time for Curing

Now go and keep ot for curingg!!

Step 5: Final

now make sure all the sides are smooth and all ur designs are intact.

and start wearing it and show ur style



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    Nice! The idea of making an aluminum "skeleton" and covering it with sugru is a great idea. That could be useful for all sorts of applications. Thanks!