Sugru Pen Holder (for Clipboard)





Introduction: Sugru Pen Holder (for Clipboard)

You will need:

a clipboard


a pen

Step 1: Divide the Sugru, Determine Placement

We used four pieces, for placing above and below the pen in four spots. You could probably use two big pieces, or three small ones... Whatever best suits your needs!

Decide where on the clipboard your pen will fit best. Mark the optimal Sugru locations.

Step 2: Place Sugru Pieces

Using your marks and/or your writing utensil to ensure optimal placement, stick your Sugru bits onto your clipboard.

Step 3: Shape Your Sugru

Using your pen or some other handy tool (we had some clay sculpting tools sitting around - that's the purple thing), press a curve into the inside of your Sugru bits - this will help them to hold the pen better.

Double check that your writing utensil fits snugly in its Sugru holder. (Remember to remove it afterward - you don't want it stuck there permanently!)

Set your creation aside to cure for 24 hours.



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    clever idea! thanks for sharing this 'ible!

    Why so many sugru projects? Does sugru stay bendy when dried or get hard?

    We participated in the Sugru Build Night, so we had a few projects to post. It firms up, but stays a bit flexible, which is nice.