Introduction: Sugru Pencil Topper

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You'll need:



Something to keep the Sugru from sticking to the pencil - clingfilm, the Sugru packet itself

Shaping tools (optional)

Step 1: Blend Colors, Shape Pieces

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In this example, we'll make a pumpkin.

Blend your desired color. The Sugru packaging has a handy color chart with helpful ratios.

Form the basic shapes that will make up your object. Don't put them together yet.

Step 2: Top, Assemble

Picture of Top, Assemble

Wrap your pencil in some nonstick material. You may want to tape it in place.

Put your first piece onto your pencil, reshape if necessary. Stick any other pieces on to your first piece.

Use your shaping tool, or whatever you have on hand, to make any fine details, like indents on your pumpkin, or features on your creature.

Remove your creation from your pencil, and set it aside to cure for 24 hours.


seamster (author)2014-10-31

Very cool! The little pumpkin looks great!

210teenlibrary (author)seamster2014-12-17

Thank you!

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