Picture of Sugru'd Rotary Tool Burr Case
I do a lot of engraving work for my various art projects. Over the years I've amassed quite a collection of burrs and cutters. Some came in fancy sets in padded cases, but a lot of them were single purchases individually wrapped in a clamshell pack or bag that, once opened, can't really be resealed. This makes for a lot of loose burrs rattling around, potentially getting dulled and/or damaged.

So I made some new burr cases

Time: Some
Skill: A little.

Could easily be adapted to make cases for any number of small knickknacks.
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Step 1: Get Your Crap Together

Picture of Get Your Crap Together
  • Rotary tool burrs and/or bits.
  • Small storage case(s) to hold the burrs.
  • Couple packs of Sugru, or similar slightly flexible putty stuff.*
  • Rare-earth magnets.
  • Glue (doesn't have to be super strong, but quick-drying is good).
*Could substitute polymer clays like Fimo Soft if the cases used are metal and can survive being baked in an oven.

Step 2: Magnets! Optional, But Cool

Picture of Magnets! Optional, But Cool
For easy access, clean-up and general organization, I added magnets so I could stick the cases to my locker door. I used 10mm neodymium disc magnets with a lift rating of 0.9kg, because that's what I had lying around. One magnet didn't have quite enough oomph to keep the boxes in place without them sliding down, but two was perfect.

If using contact cement or other fixative that needs to dry before being pressed into place, keep the magnets far enough apart that they won't pull toward each other and get glued together. Hold them in place in the box until the glue is definitely dry and they won't go anywhere. Yes, they can be glued to the outside of the box too, but having them on the inside keeps them from ever ripping or falling off, and makes for a smoother profile at the end.

Can you share where you bought the small plastic cases shown here?

Seems they were purchased from goodluckbuy.com, which has since phased
them out and no longer carries them, so I can't provide a link to
exactly what I used.

Thank you so much for caring enough to try.

Jay Bolyard

Looks like I found a new source for those boxes. Just by stupid luck;

Here they are;


They look the same, and the size seems to be the same too..

At the time of writing they are, of course, out of stock, but there's hope they'
ll be back in stock at some point.



I got them from a fellow Hack Bergen member. He got them from either alibaba.com or aliexpress.com. I'll ask for a direct link.