I do a lot of engraving work for my various art projects. Over the years I've amassed quite a collection of burrs and cutters. Some came in fancy sets in padded cases, but a lot of them were single purchases individually wrapped in a clamshell pack or bag that, once opened, can't really be resealed. This makes for a lot of loose burrs rattling around, potentially getting dulled and/or damaged.

So I made some new burr cases

Time: Some
Skill: A little.

Could easily be adapted to make cases for any number of small knickknacks.

Step 1: Get Your Crap Together

  • Rotary tool burrs and/or bits.
  • Small storage case(s) to hold the burrs.
  • Couple packs of Sugru, or similar slightly flexible putty stuff.*
  • Rare-earth magnets.
  • Glue (doesn't have to be super strong, but quick-drying is good).
*Could substitute polymer clays like Fimo Soft if the cases used are metal and can survive being baked in an oven.
<p>Can you share where you bought the small plastic cases shown here?</p>
<p>you can use micro SD memory card cases.</p>
<p>Seems they were purchased from goodluckbuy.com, which has since phased <br>them out and no longer carries them, so I can't provide a link to <br>exactly what I used.</p>
Thank you so much for caring enough to try.<br><br>Jay Bolyard
<p>Looks like I found a new source for those boxes. Just by stupid luck; <br><br>Here they are; </p><p>http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/Plastic-storage-box-transparent-small-p-1307.html</p><p><br>They look the same, and the size seems to be the same too.. <br><br>At the time of writing they are, of course, out of stock, but there's hope they'<br>ll be back in stock at some point. <br><br>-- <br><br>KarlMag </p>
<p>I got them from a fellow Hack Bergen member. He got them from either alibaba.com or aliexpress.com. I'll ask for a direct link.</p>
<p>why do we need magnets?<br>isn't sugru it self enough?</p>
The Sugru is enough to hold the burrs, yes. The magnets are so the case can be stuck to a metal toolbox or shelf or any other magnetic surface for easy storage. I keep my burr case stuck to the inside of a locker door.

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