Dr. Deepu Krishna recommends the use of Sugru for Dental Equipment and tools. According to him, the patient experiences discomfort during a procedure when the tool first comes in contact with the lips/mouth, as it could be cold/hot depending on the procedure. The Sugru helps here by maintaining just one temperature all through out. Apart from its other benefits of being neutral (non-reactive) and helps with gripping.

Step 1: Apply Sugru to Identified Problem Areas

The tool (taken for e.g. here) that has been sugrufied is a tool used for the root canal procedure, that is heated to push the gutta percha filling into the bored tooth. He says we have to wait for the right time, when the applied area has cooled to insert into the patient's mouth as they fear it will burn the patient's tongue/mouth/lips. They have to do it multiple times as they have to get the right temperature for the tip too. Applying sugru has made this procedure a cake walk as they don't have to wait. They heat the tool and directly use it. (As the hotter the tip, better the results of this procedure.)

Step 2: Happy Patient, Happy Doctor.

Unlock more smiles in your clinic now.

<p>We like your thinking here, but we have to state that Sugru is not suitable for mouth contact since it is not food grade. It is also not medical grade. But high 5 for the idea! :) </p>
<p>I appreciate all the feedback, will work with the doc to see what could be done to make it safer. I need some inputs from you experts about another fix I have in mind for this. If we sprayed never wet on the sugru, let it cure and then use it, will that be safe? Does anyone know what I am talking about?</p>

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