Picture of Suitcase Picnic Table and Speaker System
Take this suitcase on a fun picnic in the park!  Not only can you carry all your food and silverware it in -- it also doubles as a picnic table and speaker system.

The speaker system is powered by the minty boost USB charger.  Plug in your ipod and listen to some sweet tunes.

There are four legs that retract from the suitcase so you can prop the suitcase up and use the surface as a table.

I've recently gotten into re-purposing suitcases.  I've found lots of great inspiration online for fun projects.  This project was more of a hybrid of things I've seen plus a few new ideas of my own.  

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here are the main materials you will need.  In each individual step I will let you know the smaller materials like glue, scissors, screws, etc...

1. Suitcase - find a suitcase hard shell.  I love this old vintage Samsonite suitcase!  However, the edges of the suitcase are curved and this cause a few problems in mounting the legs and hardware.  I would suggest finding a suitcase or briefcase that has 90 degree edges (box).
2. 4 Leg Braces - I bought these locking leg braces from McMaster Carr (#2).  Let me tell you, I spent a good amount of time figuring out the best way to mount the legs and this was definitely the best option.  I'd love to hear other ideas on what could work.  I liked these also because the legs sit nicely inside the suitcase and are easy to prop up and lock.
3. 4 Legs - I cut 4 pieces of 1" x 1" wood at length 12"
4. Speakers - I know a little bit about electronics but not too much.  Instead of creating a speaker system from scratch I just bought an inexpensive USB powered computer speaker system.  It came with all the parts I needed, all I had to do was take it out of its case.  Heres a link to the speakers I used.
5. Minty  Boost - powers your speakers and is simple to put together.  You can buy this here.
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xxxCHICAGOxxx11 months ago

there is a youtuber named kipkay that did a good video on this suitcase speakers and everything.

Carleyy (author)  xxxCHICAGOxxx11 months ago

Thanks for letting me know!

Kimmyr0se1 year ago
How big is your suitcase?
bdominicano2 years ago
Finished mine. Thanks for the inspiration.

please tell me about your modifications. Love the clean look! Is the inside original or your fabric?

Carleyy (author)  bdominicano2 years ago
This is amazing!
Chehaven1 year ago

I love this so much! As soon as I find a suitcase I'm making one ;-)

agis682 years ago
very nice work i dont have any old suitcase maybe on my parent's attic i could find any. I look in trashes too. People throw away so usefull things anyway.
MartijnD2 years ago
Or collaps the legs towards the other side, this way they can be longer, some calulation is required, two different lengths, or beside each other.
bdominicano2 years ago
Thanks to you.
This is really a great idea! I bet plenty of people were impressed and wanted to join your little party!
lsaikali2 years ago
This is SUCH a cool idea! I love picnics and have one of those wicker barrel picnic baskets that while looking cute and everything, isn't too fun or practical to take on a hike then picnic.

I'm wondering about the leg length - I wonder if it would be possible to cut the depth of the legs in half and attach the "second half" of the leg to the bottom part of the first piece with a small locking hinge so that the table could potentially be twice as tall yet the legs could still fold and sit nicely on top of each other inside the suitcase. This would make sitting on lawn chairs a lot more doable.

Great tutorial and I can't wait to try it out myself
jm311812 years ago
dhurtado22 years ago
I think it would make an awesome coffee table, too, with some modifications.
dstuck2 years ago
Great idea. I'll keep this in the back of my head the next time I find an old suitcase/box. The speakers are nice but I believe I'll try to do flip down speakers that stay hidden when the suitcase is closed. Maybe wire them so that they are on opposite sides when the case is open for more of a stereo affect. Now I want to go shop my local thrift shop.
I am struggling to imagine where the power source is for these speakers. I am not too savvy when it comes to electronics, can you clue me in? I have GOT to make one of these! STAT!
douglascass4 years ago
Please, explaine how the speakers work? energy? battery? dinamo? conected directly an IPOD, MP3players?
Try reading.
That is just so cool! Simple, nonchalant, perfect for capturing that "surprise, sunset inspired moment". Absolutely brilliant! Tossed in the back of the ride and presto! Off to the mountains or seaside! THIS is the essence of living with style.
That was almost poetic...
I ordered the same luggage from eBay, and got it for delivered for around 30 bucks. I ordered the same hinges that you did from the same place. I went to Home Depot and got some nice short table legs and cut them at home to fit into the hinges and for length (I also cut my thumb and for finger pretty good, so please people take care!), and then stained them to match the case I got (which is an awesome dark brown). I am about to head out to the hardware store for screws and start the process of measuring it all up. I can't thank you enough for this idea! My girlfriend LOVES this idea because we picnic ALL the time. I won't be doing another instructable of the same sort, but I'll upload pictures of the finished product based on yours so you can see what you have helped create! Thanks again!
Vintage Samsonite Luggage....Good Condition and Functio..._1329433050678.pngVintage Samsonite Luggage....Good Condition and Functio..._1329432968359.png
Carleyy (author)  TattooMickey3 years ago
This is the greatest compliment ever! I get so flattered when people actually recreate my projects!! You should definitely post a photo instructable and show the suitcase in action!
Update on my build! I am going to replace the Minty Boost with a rechargeable solar panel!
memorris0273 years ago
Too cool...
Pheline4 years ago
Is it my imagination or was it just recently that people figured out that picnics would be a lot more comfortable on a little table? It seems like we used to take baskets and blankets and then try to get comfortable, chase away bugs and eat at the same time. Good for heavy petting- not so good for eating.

I do love this idea. Frequently I see old suitcases and wonder what to do with them so I don't bring them home. A cube like one would be great too- make the (presumably short) lid the table and have access to the food, etc. left inside the (presumably larger) bottom part.
I LIKE that idea! Nice noodlin'! Keep it up. One little eensy weensy comment on here could be all the inspiration another needs to really change it up! :D Happy Friday!
d2graphix4 years ago
i so want to build this. I've hated the idea of picnics till I saw this. Totally would make the trip worth it.

tsunami784 years ago
Great idea! I have been in the market for a good picnic basket/backpack for a while, but I think this just blew that thought out of the water. I go camping a lot, and can might expand on this with a solar panel an larger battery, inverter and charging station for those week long camping trips.

Great job! Thank you for the inspiration :)

adritek4 years ago
This is a fantastic creation! Top job, I will enjoy endless summers in the park with this. Thank you!
jbollman4 years ago
One idea to use nuts, bolts and washers is to cut thin plywood to the inner dimension of each side, and bolt the legs to the plywood. You can then attach the plywood at any/many points to reduce the stress at any one screw.

In any regards, this is so cool.
jgraznak4 years ago
A cheap hole saw set would have made easy work of the speaker mounting. I bought my first one off a discount table at Northern for $10, and used it for a pile of different projects. I've long since upgraded to the DeWalt arbor system, a bit more expensive, but far more versitile.
javila44 years ago
really cool.
Madrigorne4 years ago
If you used a slightly larger suitcase, and made a locking joint in the legs, you could also build and pack a couple of folding stools and sit at full height table, and use it for a field desk or what not as well as a spur of the moment picnic. You may also want to pack a small table cloth, and a small ground blanket (if you aren't going with the stools) I have a few suitcases like this in the garage. Another project to add to the list...
I've been wanting to try building some steamer chest type boxes soon, and this makes me think of the idea that a thicker box could be constructed to hold your picnic as well, maybe even a couple folding seats and have longer legs as well as room for a bottle of wine. If it was the size of a mid-sized trunk, it could do this nicely and look amazing.
ebradshaw4 years ago
pdub774 years ago
This is great! I'm just curious how the speakers sound with the plastic case cut off. Are they tinny or lacking in bass?
mikeasaurus4 years ago
Nice job, Carley!
Tunes and a glass of wine at the park, who can ask for more?
Very cool... my daughter will love this as she loves to repurpose old and vintage... groovy
Goodhart4 years ago
When I was younger we had a VERY similar (albeit MUCH bigger) version of this that my Dad had purchased. It was all metal though, but nearly full sized picnic table sized too. It folded in half, and was still fairly big, but not too heavy, and had a suit case handle on the end where the two halves met, and locked together. The legs folded in under the lip of the "case" as it were.
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