Step 5: Mount on wall

Picture of Mount on wall

Mounting the cases to the wall involved removing the lids, drilling through the wood panel on the back, and using sheetrock anchors.

Once attached to the wall, I reinstalled the lids and replaced the screws that attach the lid to the wood panel in the back.

All that's left to do is for my wife to decide what she wants to put on these new "shelves." Fortunately, I'm not allowed to do the decorating......!
great instructable
GREAT idea
as sharp as a KNIFE
Awesome idea. I too love to turn trash into treasures....especially when it can be useful. Very unique and creative.
raviolikid3 years ago
So cool! Very clear instructions and good photography!

I could see these used in some sort of trendy boutique. Your wife is a lucky woman!
I love this idea. Would it be possible to actually put a hinge on the top and use the inside of the suitcase for storage?
kylara703 years ago
This is so great! Thanks for sharing your project. I love seeing unusual objects suspended as shelves. This was a VERY creative idea. Your instructable is VERY well done.
Awesome idea! And are those just books stacked above the door on the left?