Suitcase Stereo (Now With Battery, Solar, and Bluetooth)

Picture of Suitcase Stereo (Now With Battery, Solar, and Bluetooth)
This is a story about how I made a suitcase into a stereo, because I wanted to.
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Step 1: Materials

A near comprehensive list of materials needed:
- suitcase
- pair of speakers (mine were 3" inches in diameter)
- Lepai 2020a+ amplifier
- Dremel w/ sanding and cutting bits
- Drill
- Screwdrivers
- stereo mini male to stereo mini male cord

I found the suitcase on Craigslist for about $20.  It's an old British suitcase from around the 1920s era, made of vulcanized fiber (  The speakers I got at Goodwill at $15 a pair, but you probably wouldn't go wrong buying/finding a better pair.  The Lepai amplifier I got from Amazon for around $25, but took a while to ship from China.  Dremel I got for around $35 (actually a Black and Decker rotary tool) but if you have one you obviously won't need to buy one.  Drill and screwdrivers I had, and the audio cable I got from Radioshack.

Step 2: Taking Apart the Speaker

Picture of Taking Apart the Speaker
I had some cheap speakers from Goodwill.  They turned out to be cheaper and cheaper the further I disassembled them, but still have okay sound.  I just unscrewed the back cover, so I could have access to the speaker inside.  

The speaker was held in place by four more screws, and came out fairly easily.  My speakers had some sort of tiny disc that I guess was supposed to be a tweeter, but seemed pretty much ineffectual (I ripped one off, can't really tell the difference).  If the speakers you get have tweeters, then try not to disconnect them when you take the speaker out of its enclosure.
RobertC23 days ago

Very nice suitcase stereo!

It would be relatively simple to add a USB power socket to keep your Bluetooth adapter and/or iPod batteries topped up from your internal battery. You could build the circuit or scavenge it from a car lighter plug to USB adapter.