This is a story about how I made a suitcase into a stereo, because I wanted to.

Step 1: Materials

A near comprehensive list of materials needed:
- suitcase
- pair of speakers (mine were 3" inches in diameter)
- Lepai 2020a+ amplifier
- Dremel w/ sanding and cutting bits
- Drill
- Screwdrivers
- stereo mini male to stereo mini male cord

I found the suitcase on Craigslist for about $20.  It's an old British suitcase from around the 1920s era, made of vulcanized fiber (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulcanized_fibre).  The speakers I got at Goodwill at $15 a pair, but you probably wouldn't go wrong buying/finding a better pair.  The Lepai amplifier I got from Amazon for around $25, but took a while to ship from China.  Dremel I got for around $35 (actually a Black and Decker rotary tool) but if you have one you obviously won't need to buy one.  Drill and screwdrivers I had, and the audio cable I got from Radioshack.
<p>Very nice suitcase stereo!</p><p>It would be relatively simple to add a USB power socket to keep your Bluetooth adapter and/or iPod batteries topped up from your internal battery. You could build the circuit or scavenge it from a car lighter plug to USB adapter.</p>

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