Introduction: Suitcase Shoe "container"

Picture of Suitcase Shoe "container"

First of all, I know it's really, really ugly, so before you comment that; I know.

That's not what's important. This is for poor people or people with not so much money.

You just take an old plastic suitcase that you were about to throw out.. or you find one.

You cut it like showed in the picture. That's it.

I need to sand mine, but I don't have any sanding paper.

I don't know what this thing is called in English, but the purpose of it, is that you put your shoes in it when you come home, and when you have to clean the floor, you can just remove the shoes and flush all the dirt from the shoes down the toilet.


livviexoxo (author)2014-11-24

That's really cool I might use that. I'm not poor but I'll still use it