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Introduction: Suitcase Table- GREAT SPACE SAVER

How to use that lovely suitcase as something else.
Perfect for a desk with somewhere to store things.

Step 1: Find Your Suitcase.

I found this lovely piece in a market but you can find them all over the place.
Try and find one that is a size you like and with a flat top and bottom. If it is warped it might not stand properly or hold anything.

Step 2: Find Some Legs

I found these at ikea and fell in love with the shape. Choose something you like.

Step 3: Prep the Legs (if Needed)

The legs that I bought needed securing into the brackets, so it only made sense to do that first.

Step 4: Bases for the Legs.

The screws for the legs were long and would stick into the base of the case. I found these leftover decking pieces when the neighbour was laying their decking. You could use any wood you like, just make sure the screws are not longer than your wood.

Step 5: Attachment

Before you attach the legs, mark the holes for the screws. Drill the screws in part way and remove them before placing the leg in place, to make the threads in the wood, making it easier. You could do it without, but I wasn't so brave.

Step 6: Done!

The legs have leant inward, but to combat this I will being putting posts bewteen the legs to keep them stable.
I love this because it gives new life to something that would be collecting dust in the corner of my room.



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    Thanks! I've been thinking about it for ages and liked it.