This is my home made James P. Sullivan project. It was fairly cheap to make using mostly supplies from Home Depot (excluding fur and fabric). The total project cost me 155$ And the fur was 106$ of the total. So if I chose a character to build without fur I would have saved time and money, (Mike Wizoski for example only cost me 45$).

Step 1: Materials


1.  5 yards blue fur
2.  3 yards blue felt
3.  3 yards white pleather
4. 4 rolls of masking tape
5.  12 ft roll chicken wire
6.  1 bag flour
7.  1 bottle of wood glue
8.  4 rolls of paper towels
9.  1 super bouncy ball (for the eyeball)
10.  2 rolls of duct tape
11.  fish net stalking or screen (for the detail on the nose)
12.  hot glue gun hi temp
13.  big bag of glue sticks 100 count
14.  8" SAKRETE tube from home depot
15.  black sharpie
16.  scissors
17.  old sneakers
18.  acrylic clear sealant spray
19.  fine tip paint brush and angular tip paint brush
20.  Bubble wrap for the head support
21.  1 can baby blue (marine blue) spray paint
22.  1 can greenish blue spray paint (different cans use different names)
23.  1 oz baby blue paint (eye)
24.  1 oz dark blue paint (eye)
25.  1 can white spray paint.
26.  1 can purple spray paint.
27.  1 hula hoop for his belly.
28.  wire cutters.
This is easily one of the nicest things I have seen on here. Very impressive. Thank you for sharing.
This looks better than the one that I saw over in Disneyland! Great Job, keep it up.
Amazing, amazing amazing, did I say amazing? I think this looks better than some if the characters you see at the parks, although I've never seen sully, just mike. I can't wait for you to get in the contest so I can vote! I noticed you made another of my favorite costumes last year, Carl from UP. Keep up the great work! You are what makes Halloween awesome!
I made this for my husband's costume! It was a hit! :)
do you rent it out?
after halloween I just put them in storage or throw them away. I never really thought about renting them out.
<p>would you be willing to take an order for a sully? if so how much would it be? </p>
Do you sell it?
<p> I never had sold one but want to. I just build them as a hobby or for friends.</p>
<p>I would love to buy/rent this. It's amazing!</p>
how much?
I'd like to buy the Sulley costume.. Or have one custom made.. please email me at jfiti6@yahoo.com. Serious inquiry. Thank you!
I'm right there with you. Big costumes are fun, but the garage is filling up. Had to make a very awkward trip to the dump with a giant lego :) Excellent build and I'm impress with how well the finish product turned out using simple chicken wire. I may have to abandon my complex 3d modeled dragon and just go redneck sculpter <br>
<p>Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!</p>
Awesome!!! Do you rent it or sell it?
<p>Amazing job! How did you form his head?</p>
<p>what shade of blue fur did you use? Or was it just blue</p>
<p>omg, this was exactly what I was looking for, thanks!</p>
what did you use for the eyes? I like the finish.
<p>For the eyes I used a large grapefruit sized bouncy ball and cut it in half. The paints i used were all glossy acrylic paints. Once the paint was dry I sprayed a glossy acrylic clear sealant. The sealant was made by MODGE PODGE from walmart.</p>
Your stuff is awesome and trying to replicate the stuff is really fun. Keep it up!!
This really looks awesome, but I can't believe no one has pointed out that this is actually Sully from Monsters University, not Monsters, Inc. <br>While technically it is the same character, it is definitely a different look. And you sir, nailed the look perfectly. I love it.
I know lol, while typing the step by step I was thinking if I should label Sulley monsters inc or university? i figured most people would recognize or search &quot;monsters inc&quot; more often and I also made the jacket separate so I could walk around as older Sulley. Making the jacket separate helped because walking around with it on way pretty heavy, older Sully is much more enjoyable. Thanks for looking and commenting.
I don't even think Disney World has a Sulley costume this good...
Wow- that is incredible!
That's amazing the head is from Argos
Wow. Great job!

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