Step 8: The Jacket

1.  Im using hula hoops for Sulleys belly (to make him look wide) so I measure the circumference of the hoops and made that the base of my jacket.
2.  I then measure from where I thought his belt line would be on his stomach, up and around the shoulders and back down to the belt line.
3.  you dont have to be very accurate because Sulley wears his jacket open.
4.  Sew the sides and edges.
5.  You may want to taper off by the shoulders to give the jacket its "varsity" look.
6.  for the sleeves i cut out the pleather to fit the circumference of the shoulders I created.  I measure from the top of his should to his belt line.  cut out the fabric and sewed with fishing line.
7.  for the collar trim of the jacket, measure the wrist cicumference, jacket width, and neck circumference and cut out the fabric accordingly.
8  I hot glued a pleather strip to each piece then sewed them in place.
9.  for the school logo, the giant M, I cut out a dark blue M, a slightly bigger white pleather M, and a slightly bigger baby blue felt M, then hot glued them all together and to the jacket.