Hey guys, sorry I haven't made an instructable In a long time! I hope you enjoy this(:

Step 1: Materials

•mason jar
•mini post-it's

Step 2: Drawing Outline

Get a size on how big the top of the mason jar is. I recommend bending the paper down over the jar to have its exact outline. Then just draw the outline out.

Step 3: Cutting It

We have to put in a slot, to be able to put memories in it. So cut a little slot! And then cut around the edges. Then it will fit perfectly onto the top of the jar!

Step 4: Taping/glueing

You can either tape of glue it, but I think that glue holds it better, so I will glue it.

Step 5: The Title

You have to have a title right?
So grab another piece of paper (I'm using a notecard) and write "summer 2k14 memories" on it~ or something like that. Once you wrote that you can cut off any access paper. Now we can glue/tape it onto the jar.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Now you can take little post-it notes and write your summer memories on it and put it in the jar!

Thanks, for looking at this instructable!
Aqua 12 (:
Love it!! Check your PM's on the site. I messaged you
Thanks! I hope(:
( didn't mean to post 2 times!)
Cute! I might make this sometime!
Cute! I might make this sometime!
Thank you!
<p>It looks really nice! An introduction to what it is and why it's important to you would be wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to share it!</p>

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