Summer Cocktails

Picture of Summer Cocktails
So, I was stumbling around the internet and found a reference to The Brixton's "Sex bob-omb" drink that involved plunking a popsicle into a cocktail. After being sure it was the most genius idea ever, I sought out existing recipes and found that I wasn't too excited about any of them. In response, I came up with a few of my own based on some of my favorite drinks.

The beauty of this is that you can make it as simple or complex as you like as well as including or excluding alcohol. 
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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
Supply List:

Sugary drinks
shot glasses or popsicle mold
popsicle sticks (I used skewers)
bottle caps
block of wood
food coloring (optional)
alcohol (optional)
store bought popsicles (for the quick fix)

Step 2: Perfectly Paired Popsicles

Picture of Perfectly Paired Popsicles
Decide on what flavors will go best with your favorite drink. I'll share my best recipes in the last step.

Fill your shot glasses with your preferred sugary drink. If you want to layer it with several flavors or colors, fill it only part way.

Step 3: Stick Holders

Picture of Stick Holders
Use a nail and hammer on a block of wood to punch a hole in the middle of each bottle cap. Ensure that the hole is not too large. You want it to be tight on your skewer. If it's too loose, it will drop onto the liquid and could get stuck when frozen. (There are many different ways to go about this, but I had some bottle caps lying around and they fit well inside the top of my shot glasses.)

Put a bottle cap on each skewer and place them into the shot glasses.

Put your glasses into the freezer.

Brooklyntonia (author) 1 year ago
I made a popsicle out of yoohoo thinking it was a great idea, but Then couldn't come up with a good drink to pair it with. First person to post a comment with a great pairing for a yoohoo popsicle gets 3 months pro membership!
Personally, I think YooHoo pairs well with a sink or trash can. Yucko! But that's just me.
Brooklyntonia (author)  crummett1 year ago
I'm strangely picky about my YooHoo. I SWEAR it tastes better from a can. I refuse to drink it from a jar.
Bailey's and strawberries
Bailey's and anything
Brooklyntonia (author)  Brooklyntonia1 year ago
Thanks anniemagz and gianttvegenics for the help with my yoohoo popsicle. I'm sending you both 3 months Pro.
Thanks so much!!!
cream soda! with optional vanilla vodka :)
Brooklyntonia (author)  anniemagz1 year ago
That sounds yummy too! Much more my speed with less ingredients.
Sexual chocolate perhaps?
Brooklyntonia (author)  giantvegenetics1 year ago
Hmm. What's in a sexual chocolate? The link takes me to a link about buying an app.
This is really awesome. Wondering though, about your nail color- white? offwhite? what? So cute. And I love your costumes from your other instructables :)
Brooklyntonia (author)  VenialVenom1 year ago
Thanks! The nails are white with black polka dots. I've been trying out some of those polish strips. I have more costumes here.
Anything with Godiva chocolate liquer would be great with the Yoohoo popsicles. And with so many new flavored vodkas out there now the possibilities are endless!
Brooklyntonia (author)  laughingmoonx1 year ago
Great suggestions!
annieannie1 year ago
You had me at "summer cocktails" lol wonderful post :)
Sexual Chocolate is -
1 part Irish cream
1 part Coffee liqueur
1 part Creme de Cacao
1/2 part black raspberry liqueur
1 dash Milk
1 dash Soda water
Ice cubes

Can't seem to respond to the right reply because the reCaptcha
Brooklyntonia (author)  giantvegenetics1 year ago
Sounds like I could totally put a yoohoo popsicle in that.
Very nice. I like it.

Sugary drinks... mmmm...
mnmama1 year ago
Cool idea. I'm thinking cherry popsicles in a Tom Collins, lime in a G&T or a Margarita. Fun for a party, and I bet if you did it just with fruit juices for kids, they would love it!
Brooklyntonia (author)  mnmama1 year ago
Great combos! Another cool aspect of doing it with the kids is that their drink will change colors as the popsicle melts. Little ones love that sort of thing. I wonder what flavors could be mixed to demonstrate color mixing? Cherry popsicle in lemonade (yellow+red=orange).
vicirose1 year ago
This is awesome! So what do we stick the popsicles in?
Brooklyntonia (author)  vicirose1 year ago
I encorage you to be creative and pick a popsicle that goes well with your favorite drink, but there are three recipes for my favorites in the last step.