The T-shirt challenge has inspired me to work with knits.  My new daughter-in-law loves knits.  I was disappointed when I heard this,  because I usually work with cottons and wanted to sew her some fashionable clothes.  I am so glad this contest was going on when my kids were visiting.  I have learned that knits are great fun to work with.  We found this t-shirt on clearance and decided to add some color to it to make it stand out. This instructable will show you how we accomplished this.

Step 1: Supplies

2 Contrasting knit t-shirts;  one  with a large heart and one plain
Contrasting thread
Sewing pins
Straight edge
Puff paint optional
Sewing machine or could easily be stitched by hand

Love it!! Look beautiful i will totally make one!!!
Thanks Lilly! It turned out very cute and was easy to make! Please post a picture if you do, it would be fun to see a different variation. Sunshiine
Yay!!! Featured on the homepage! Well done. ;-)
Oh gee thanks! We had a lot of fun making this t-shirt. I want to make some more but have so many things I want to make it is hard to decide. Thanks for the support and hope your day is fun!<br>Sunshiine
Thanks! I appreciate your comment. Have a splendorous day!<br />Sunshiine
Cool and such a pretty daughter-in-law!
Oh my thanks so much! Have a beautiful day!<br />Sunshiine
Awesome t-shirt mod sunshiine!
Thanks so much! I will be making more things from knits! So fun! <br />Sunshiine
This is totally rad! I am definitely going to make this.
I embrace your comment! Thanks so much for commenting and have a happy 4Th! <br />Sunshiine
Brings to mind an old art saying that I've heard, &quot;Sometimes it's not what you add to the canvas but what you take away.&quot; <br /> <br />Very cool!
Thanks for commenting! Stay cool!<br />Sunshiine
Store keeper / SUPER MODEL! Not all mother in-laws have a pinup girl to fashion their wares (No offense as, I ride the fence!)
Thanks onrust! I am in a rush to get more for the contest but I am stopping by your site tomorrow as the kids are leaving tomorrow! I want to see what you have been cooking up! Happy 4Th <br />Sunshiine
Only &quot;hippie steaks&quot; :)

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