Go from a light weight winter scarf to summer kaftan

This is a simple pattern for keeping cool in summer! It is super cute either as a swimwear cover-all or, with a bit of tweaking, a glam party dress. Using a light - weight material this instructable calls for someone with some skill and/or lots of  patience. But with simple cotton (heavier, but still cool) it is perfect for beginners. 

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:
- A sewing machine (with thin needle - size 8,9 or 10)
- A piece of light weight cotton (roughly 1m x 1.5m / 60in x 40in) for a long shirt/short dress
*if you fold the piece in half and lay it across your front and it goes from elbow to elbow and down to mid -thigh it's about right (see pic)
*My material was a scarf from "RUBI shoes" that i never wore in winter.
- A length of cord/ribbon to tie
- Scissors 
- Thread of a corresponding or contrasting colour (not too thick or it  will make the seams pucker)
- Quick-un-pick (seam ripper)
- Fabric chalk
- Measuring tape
- Pins
<p>I love this so much I added it to my <a rel="nofollow">Party Time ala 70's style</a> page of the Disco-ball pumpkin I made. THANK YOU!</p>
Very cute! I love it!

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