I am excited to share this Instructable because I LOVE this skirt so much that I've made 4 already! You can sew one in less than a couple of hours and have a nice comfortable and stylish summer skirt! You can use a variety of fabric types and create some unique differing styles! Guess what else? It only requires two pattern pieces!

I'm also excited about Sketchbook Pro because it's the first time I've used it and I love the features and how easy it was to use! I used it to create the graphic image of myself and also for the pattern pieces. Tips on using it (for those interested) are in the final step of this Instructable.

If you have any questions, please ask! And Please vote if you like it! :)

Materials Needed:
  • 2 Yards of Material for Skirt (more or less depending on size)
  • Elastic Thread - Needed to Create Shirred Waistband
  • Sewing Machine & Scissors

Step 1: Sizing Information for Skirt

Before you begin - it's important to know your size compared to mine - so you can adjust the pattern to fit you! You need two basic measurements of your hips and waist. There is a good deal of leeway with this pattern, I should add. Not that you plan on gaining inches, but if it happens the skirt should still fit. I've made shirred skirts before and both gained and lost about 4 inches around the hips and the skirt still fit me fine.

My measurements are: Waist 26 and Hips 34. My shirred waistband, without being stretched, is at about 22 inches around. When fully stretched, it stretches to about 32 inches around before it can't stretch much more. Hopefully this information will help you determine if you need to adjust the pattern. It may take trial and error the first time -but once you have the perfect fit, you can make lots of skirts that fit you well! Please also note that my height is 5'3. The skirt is a perfect length for me - but you may need to add several inches to the bottom pattern piece to be safe, then try it on and hem it at that time!
Great work Hollymann! I love them. I'm going to try making one of these gorgeous skirts tomorrow...can hardly WAIT!! I'm curious though, how did you come up with the amount of fabric needed? Your diagram shows 20 inches of fabric for the waist however your blog says your waist measures 26 inches. What am I missing? <br>Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us!
Hi Rhonda - I am SO SO sorry for not replying to you sooner - I don't know how I missed this comment/question. I wanted to tell you that the diagram is for 20 inches x 2 = a total of 40 inches. I should have explained that better.
Lay out your fabric. There are only two pattern pieces to cut &amp; they need to be cut two times. The good news is - there are only four pieces to sew and you're done! (this was from one of the steps) - I Hope this makes sense ...if not please let me know and i&quot;ll clarify!
And Here is the first prize winner :). Congratulationsssssss!!!!! Holly :D
Thanks Tarun - hadn't seen this comment till now!!! :)
congrats in coming to the finalists!
Didn't I tell you that you will win 'Dream it' contest too :). May I have those repeated color t-Shirts that you got :D. Great Show Holly :). Congratulations!!!! I wish you win the grand prize.
Nice how you transformed yourself into your Sketchbook drawing. Your skirt is really cute!
Okay, first you are such a doll! These skirts are gorgeous, I need some for summer! Never used elastic thread before though...do you use it on the bobbin as well? Okay, off to do some more research--and dig through my fabric stash! :) Thanks!
Oh you are sweet! what's your first name? :) Seems funny to call you &quot;doodlecraft&quot; although that name is cute! :) Thanks for the compliment on the skirts! The elastic thread is only used on the bobbin - and the top thread is normal. Some people hand wind it onto the bobbin - but that didn't work for me or my sewing machine. So I did that as normal - going a little slower so it wouldn't get too tight. Once you learn how to do the shirring - you can make so many cute comfy things. I love it! The waistband is very flexible on sizing too - so as long as it's not too loose - it can fit through a range of sizes because it stretches so many inches! I hope you end up making one of these - they are very comfy flowy skirts. I
Hey Holly--my name is Natalie! :)<br>I just went tonight an bought a ton of elastic thread! I did some more research on shirring and saw better how to do it...so now I just need to get doing it! I'm desperate for some summer time skirts--and so is my daughter! :)<br>Thanks so much for the inspiration! <br>Nat :)
Hi Natalie!!! :) Awesome about the skirts - let me know if you have any questions! I'm glad you found some more tips on shirring - I could make a whole instructable just on that - a very detailed one. it is hard to explain it without a lot of pictures. I'm sure you'll get it! And the skirts are so comfy! :) Good luck and let me know how they turn out!!!
Hurrrrrey!!! you are in the finals :D. Congratulations. You will be a winner for sure.
Thank you so much Tarun! I'm happy to win anything!!! So I love that there are 19 finalists and 19 prizes! Even if it's just a robot shirt - I love it!
This is such a great thought Holly. Winning should be a habit and failure should never be final. I am sure you will be in the finals for Dream it contest as well. It shows mam :)
Thanks Tarun also for this comment :) You're right - it should be a habit - and a positive attitude - it goes a long way!
So that counts to how many T-Shirts :). Congratulations Again!!
Thanks Tarun! A nice collection of cool Inst. Shirts!
Great tutorial as always. You are such a kind, giving, and talented soul....
Thank you Chase!!! :)
I love this skirt! I just got started with sewing and this one's definitely on my to-do list :)
very nicely done and beautifully modeled! :-D
Thank you so much Shazni!! :) Always good hearing from you!
Great modest skirt pattern <br>
Thank you so much Veridical Angel! :)
Wow! another fantastic Instructable Holly! You sure have talent and some great ideas. Keep up the great work.
Thanks! Too many ideas..too little time..until summer anyway!
Hi Holly... Beautiful dressed and they looks cute on you. The drawing is pretty cool.
Thank you so much!
You and I are the same height! =) <br>Beautiful work by the way!
Thanks Deandra! :)
Very cute and awesome drawings :) LIke that floral print; it has a great color combination!
Thanks Penolopy - that is my favorite one!
Elegant &amp; Sexy may be considered contradictory, but thats what I feel about this, especially the floral one :). Great work. Thanks for sharing. I had been watching the contest and I feel this is by far the best :). You have my vote.
Thanks so much Tarun! :) That means a lot! And thank you for the vote!
Awesome!! Great job Holly!!!
Thank you!!!
nice outfit :) <br>

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