This is an awesome design I tried for summer.

Step 1: Polishes

Maybelline New York Color Show Bleached Neons #761 Coral Heat
Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat
Sinful Colors Professional #921 All About You

Step 2: Process

I painted the nail with Coral Heat and let it dry. Then I layered Strengthening Top Coat over it and let it dry. Finally, I added All About You and another layer of Strengthening Top Coat. The design is done after it dries.
I was also having one of those days where the brush just refuses to cooperate and smears polish all over the place.
I will try to redo it, it looked really pretty and then I was grabbing a bottle of polish off of my desk and the carpet wiped the polish off and I tried to redo the style and it looked really messy so I ended up trying to cover it up with lace. :P
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Can't even see what the design even is. Have no idea how this is even an instructable.

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