Picture of Summer Photography
I love photography. It is fun to do when you are bored. Now, don't sit around and watch television all day!

Step 1: Your Supplies

Picture of Your Supplies
14, 3:57 PM.jpg
14, 3:57 PM.jpg
14, 3:57 PM.jpg
First off, you will need to find your supplies.
1: camera. If you don't have one, your phone or iPad or anything that has a camera on it will work great!
2: your photo subject. I used a tree because I love Willow trees. You can use anything to take a picture of.
1: spray bottle. I used an old hair spray bottle and filled it with water.
2: sun. This is only an option because you can take your picture any time.
mulesaremylife (author) 1 year ago
Thank you!

These are some great tips!