Picture of Summer Photography
I love photography. It is fun to do when you are bored. Now, don't sit around and watch television all day!
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Step 1: Your Supplies

Picture of Your Supplies
14, 3:57 PM.jpg
14, 3:57 PM.jpg
14, 3:57 PM.jpg
First off, you will need to find your supplies.
1: camera. If you don't have one, your phone or iPad or anything that has a camera on it will work great!
2: your photo subject. I used a tree because I love Willow trees. You can use anything to take a picture of.
1: spray bottle. I used an old hair spray bottle and filled it with water.
2: sun. This is only an option because you can take your picture any time.

Step 2: Why The Sun?

Picture of Why The Sun?
14, 3:57 PM.jpg
The sun is a good thing. When your taking a picture, it's always best to keep your back to the sun so your test subject is facing the sun. Which picture above is better? One or two?

One is with my back to the sun. Two is facing the sun.

Step 3: Angles

Picture of Angles
Taking pictures from different angles helps a lot. I took a picture of the side. But then I thought, "why don't I try underneath?" I did and I got a nice picture.

Step 4: Spray Bottle

Picture of Spray Bottle
14, 3:57 PM.jpg
The spray bottle is nice for close up pictures. If you spray your test subject, it will look better up close. (Don't use on people or animals please!)
mulesaremylife (author) 1 year ago
Thank you!

These are some great tips!