Step 6: Finish Bands

Place facing and outside bands right sides together.

Pin top edge and sides.

Stitch from bottom of curved side all the way across the top and down the other edge.  Leave the bottom open.

Clip corners, turn and press, making sure that facing is completely invisible from the front.
Stunning, beautiful work! I can't wait to see more :D
Thank you! I'm working on it. ;)
I love the piping detail. very cute.
Thank you! These shirts were my challenge to myself to get better at piping.
That is such a cute shirt! And it looks perfect with the fabric you chose!
Thanks! I totally designed around this fabric...I love it so much!
These are just adorable! And seriously amazing photos, too! You make it look so easy. :D
Thanks! They really are very easy...it is all I can do to not make 10 of them for my girls. :)

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