Picture of Summer Skylight Shade
We love our skylights but they are southern facing and really heat up the house in the summer and make it impossible to see the TV during the day.  I came up with this idea a few years ago and finally took pictures as I installed it this year.

Note: Our skylights have a beam that supports the weight of the shade.  If your skylight does not have this you may have to add something like fishing line to support the shade down the middle of it.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials needed:
     (1) Light filtering temporary window shade (wider than the size of your skylight)
     (1) Clear plastic corner guard for drywall (twice the length of the vertical measurement of your skylight)
     (3) Command Brand adhesive strips

You could get the Light Blocking shades but we prefer the filtering ones.  It still lets in enough light during the day but keeps the room MUCH cooler.

Step 2: Installing the Railing

Picture of Installing the Railing
I cut the corner guards into two pieces the length of the vertical sides of the skylight.  The middle of the blinds are supported by the beams running down the middle of the skylight so I measured across the blinds with a level to determine where the corners guards were going to be placed.  I then nailed them along the sides of the drywall.
tvignos8 months ago
What a great idea!

You might consider installing a cordless cellular shade permanently in this skylight. With adequate support to keep it from drooping, you could open the shade once in the spring and close it in the fall-

crowsfolly1 year ago
clever...and economical! I have 2 skylights screaming for this hack. Thanks for posting!