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    This is soooo smart you just saved me from my dogs nonstop panting!

    What a great idea, thank you for sharing!
    Just in time, since it's going to be hot today..

    Your dog will love it! Don't forget to vote for it!

    I saw this on Facebook. my German Shepherd loves it

    1 reply

    Thanks! They do, don't forget to vote for it :P

    You put that dirty bucket inside your freezer?!?!? You should have washed it first before taking pictures.

    2 replies

    Yeah. The bucket wasn't dirty.

    The bucket wasn't dirty!

    we make ice cubes with pieces of hot dog in them.

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    You could probably add beef flavor to the water too so the dogs will eat the whole thing. I'm going to try this!

    1 reply

    Where the story about the dangers of ice water appears to be an Urban Legend, adding beef flavor to such an amount of water might very well be fatal. Drinking lots of water, as some dogs do on a hot summers day, easily leads to bloat.
    Should you want to let Bailey eat the whole ice pop please consider using a small plastic container instead of a bucket.

    last year it was all over the news not to do this for dogs because it lowers there core temp and can kill

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    I've checked this to see what you are talking about and there's no proof showing this.