Summer Wedding Pranks





Introduction: Summer Wedding Pranks

Lots of people use the summer months to get married our friends did exactly that.

So we did the usual at the wedding but being the close friends we are we decided to do something a little extra and cover the front room and kitchen with post it notes. 14,000 of them. And believe it or not they cost very little money less than £30

Step 1: See the Reaction



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    Ha love it. We toyed with the idea of writing on them but with so many decided against it

    We did this on a smaller scale to the gettaway car! (only 1000 notes). We wrote things on all of them before sticking them though. They stayed there and the couple read them together the next morning. :D
    But I'd have to say the house is quite an impressive feat. wow


    Wow. Glad your friends weren't too peeved . Paybacks are a you know what.

    It took 4 of is around 8 hours.

    How long did it take you?

    why didn't you just posted the videos instead of giving outside links?

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    i thought i had thanks for letting me know

    Yes it was along with other global news channels and papers. We where asked to keep it to our self till it had shown.

    Wasn't this on yahoo news the other day?