Summer Earrings





Introduction: Summer Earrings

I have a new tutorial for you today! I will show you how to make your very own stylish summer earrings with a nautical twist!

Step 1: What You Are Going to Need

You are going to need two 9cm pieces of leather cord. Mine is a gorgeous reptile print opal metallic leather. You are also going to need two end caps, two ear wires, some jump rings and two anchor charms.

Although I show you gold jump rings in the photo, I ended up using antique gold ones and I also used 2 pieces of 2.5cm of antique gold chain and super glue (not shown).

Step 2:

Ready? Go! First you add a tiny bit of glue on the inside of the end caps.

Step 3:

Then you insert the two ends of one leather piece, thus forming a loop. Take your pliers and press down to close the end cap. Do the same for the other piece of leather and end cap. You should be looking at something like this.

Step 4:

Now, take a jump ring and connect it to one of the chain pieces and without closing it, pass it through your end cap loop. Then close and secure the jump ring.

Take another jump ring and use it to connect the loop of the ear wire to the previous jump ring. You can also skip this ring but that way your earrings will be facing side ways.

Step 5:

Then take another jump ring and use it to connect the end of the chain to the anchor charm loop. Do the same for the other earring.

Step 6:

And you are done! Your earrings are ready for your ears!!! Enjoy! Thanks for reading! Akamatra

Step 7:



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Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!

super cool I love it

Thanks so much!

Fantastic texture, very nice project!