Introduction: Summer Fruits Salad

Picture of Summer Fruits Salad

on this tutorial i will show you how to make a tasty summer fruits salad.

the ingredients you will need are: 1. quarter watermelon

2. half melon

3. kiwis

4. walnuts

Step 1: Cut Out Circles From the Fruits

Picture of Cut Out Circles From the Fruits

now, take the fruits and cut out circles from them,

important: save the kiwis peels

Step 2: Chop the Walnuts

Picture of Chop the Walnuts

finely chop the walnuts and save them to the salad assembly.

Step 3: Salad Assembly

Picture of Salad Assembly

to finish the salad take your kiwis peels and put inside them the fruits circles.

on the top of the salad put your walnuts, and you finish your salad!

bon appetit!


patsheldon (author)2014-05-06

very cute way to eat your fruits!

almogsade1 (author)2014-05-05

me too, that why i made it!

chrisl32656 (author)2014-05-04

Looks amazing! ! :) I love fruit

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