Step 1: Draw, cut, glue

Draw sole design on cardboard and cut it. Glue sponges.
Use scissors for sponge, scalpel for cardboard holes.

Step 4: Sew (option)

Picture of Sew (option)
Sew around edge.
Also you can sew around cushions, but, not necessary. I did it, but I recommend it not.
All you have to do is cut holes on leather, and glue it for rubber sole.
But watch out, first add leather stripes and glue them from the inside to cardboard..

First version of sandals had no cushions, and no threads.
You can do it with no cushions, same instructions.
Riversegel8 months ago

''were did you get the leather from?''

mostart (author)  Riversegel8 months ago
i found it in local shoesman.. smith.. but you can use old leather bag.. and old belts for stripes. and it would be interesting to use rubber from tire.. for sole

Looks good for the cottage.

mrjoancroft3 years ago
I'm in love with that sewing machine. :]
suckrpnch3 years ago
Seems like a great project. I wish there was a little more detail, but if I can find some materials, I would like to give it a try.
mostart (author)  suckrpnch3 years ago
I made those sandals 10 years ago. Wasn't thinking about instructables..
Wow. That is pretty impressive.
Madrigorne3 years ago
I bet you could bottom these with a piece of old tire traction
BlauFusion3 years ago
Nice instructable, thanks.
Probably the cost of these is WAY below a store-bought pair, but out of curiosity, what Did it cost?
Did you have any plans laid out on paper, or did you pretty much wrap leather around your feet until it fit....?

PS Ever thought about being a foot model? :D
mostart (author)  BlauFusion3 years ago
Cost, less then 30$.
About plans... I first draw around my feet on paper. Then draw stripes on my feet.
Made stripes out of paper, glue them with tape, and try them. After that I made prototype out of thin cardboard. That prototype was wearable and signal to make real one.

I thought about being a foot model but they said my legs are to hairy :D
HollyHarken3 years ago
What kind of glue to you use? Also a shot of the bottom of the finished sandals would be nice. Overall a very cool project and nicely done.
mostart (author)  HollyHarken3 years ago
purpose adhesive based on neoprene rubber for bonding leather, rubber, textiles, wood ...
I'll upload more pictures.
Thanks for comment
I love all your projects so you are in my favorites. It gets a good rating too.
Made a pair of soft sole sandals for my toddler once when she was very young. Someone gave me scrap leather pieces and I came back and showed her the little sandals. I love working with free stuff.
patmac3 years ago
Very nice!
gmoon3 years ago

I've always wanted a pair of "Chacos," but the price was a little steep for sandals...