Summer Soup





Introduction: Summer Soup

Here's a recipe for my summer soup. It's easy and fast to make.

Step 1: Products

1 cucumber
800 gr yoghourt
800 ml water
2-3 cloves of garlic

Step 2: Making

1. Put the yoghourt in the pot and stir it until all small lumps disappear and then add the water.
2. Grate the cucumber and add it to the pot.
3. Mash the garlic and add it to the pot. Stir.
4. Add the salt and stir it again.
5. If you like you can add dill.

Step 3: Ready

Keep the soup in the fridge and do NOT warm it. Serve it cool with fried or roasted potatoes, roast chicken, steaks and almost everything which is made on grill.



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This is a very tasty refreshingly cold soup or drink for the summer. When I first tried this, I was surprised and impressed. Nothing fattening and lots of protein. You have to try this. If you like plain yogurt and cukes, its a winner.

do you mean yogurt?


yes, its the same thing. Just spelled different.

this is like gyro sauce but without the liquidy feeling and it has no garlic or salt

This is like cacik just more liquid.

We used to make a soup very similar to this, and was it tasty, although we never used garlic. I'll have to try this version out. It looks really good! :-)