Picture of Sumo Soccer
Sumo Soccer is a mix between Sumo wrestling and Soccer (Futbol although Sumo Futbol doesn't sound as good)_
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Step 1: Play Desciption

Picture of Play Desciption
Participants (10 per team) wear the full padding used in self defense courses (where you get to beat the schmack out of the "assailant") or for police dog training thus giving them a Sumo wrestler type physique and very good protection.

Step 2: Continued...

Picture of Continued...
The ball is a full sized yoga/exercise ball which is used as a soccer ball to try to get into the apposing team's "goal".
This is full contact (thanks to the padded suits) and played on a football field with goals similar to that in soccer but there are no penalty boxes, or goalies per se.
Any part of the body is used to move the ball into the opponents team's goal and.....

Viva Sumo Soccer!!
giike33 years ago
hey it must be fun
Dr.Bang6 years ago
Seems like a good workout! Something I might try in college.
EnigmaMax6 years ago
fatty mosh pit!!! ...that actually sounds like a lot of fun
Where are you going to get 20 of those suits. Have you ever even played this???
Flumpkins7 years ago