This instructable is about a Jigsaw Table board which you can attach on the sole of your jigsaw and use your jigsaw as scroll saw in-turn by mounting on a table even clamped over-hung a the edge of work table ans such a simple portable pet !

If you are not from the field and not familiar with rotary tools applications
or safety, keep away do not try this and hurt yourself.


Step 1:

Take piece of wood, less than half inch thickness or vinyl sheet of about 8 mm thick and one square foot size.

Attach your Jigsaw at the center using nuts ad bolts(counter-sung head) of around 3 to 4 mm diameter and long enough to reach the sole of you jigsaw for tightening with nut.

Mark and make free access hole for the reciprocating blade of the Jigsaw.

Add long parallel fence slots on either opposite sides of the board see photo.

Using aluminium channel make sliding fence to to push work piece along the blade.(see same photo fro hints)

Choose also the matching side for the long fence slot accordingly.

Align with your table and mark and make bolt holes(around 6 mm diameter) for attaching on to your work table on opposite sides(see same photo fro hints).

Step 2:

You can use a wide calling bell switch for using as a pedal operated switch.

Start with slower speed of your jigsaw.

Or can even use a dimmer (what about your fan regulator laying around use less ? use it ! )for reducing speed of you machine fro longer hacked blades ;-)

Cheap hacksaw blade will give two jigsaw blades if thought fully and carefully hacked.

Blade Guide bearing system with Post, Arm and bearing can also be attached on this board.

Bearing guide system for longer blades to avoid wobbling of blades, see a model photo also.

I have made available this system on www.ebay.in see pictures make your own or save time and buy one and innovate. Search on www.ebay.in jigsaw table board

If you are not from the field and not familiar with rotary tools applications

or safety, keep away do not try this and hurt yourself.

Every thing on your own experience and risk.

Step 3:

I shall come again to add more photos and innovation ! Like adding a blade guide using bearings !

Thank You

<p>For attaching the Jigsaw see the reference Instructables</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Convert-your-Jigsaw-into-a-bench-top-saw-using-an-/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Convert-your-Jigsa...</a></p>

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